How to Show Support to Your Favorite NRL Team


Nowadays, watching live football matches are not a favorite choice because of coronavirus. Though there are still a handful of 'diehard' fans who hasten to stadiums and watch live games, against all odds, it is not the end of the world for most rugby fans. While most struggle to move on from this capricious mindset. Many have silently raised the bar of fandom in their way, far from the championship crowds and overwhelming cheers!

Unknown to most rugby fans, there are those subtle enthusiasts who do not just watch live games but make their dwelling and personal spaces, a reflection of their fandom.

To start this unconventional path of a football fan, you need first to live the game! Change your typical mindset of being a mere spectator that limits your idea of being a fan during live games. Having a lot of warm bodies inside stadiums, cheering on teams might be an exhilarating sight, but it ends when the game ends. But for true-blooded fans, the game does not end even if the stadium is closed and people go their separate ways.

While custom made jerseys often flood bleachers during matches, similar merchandise is seen inside homes of some hard-core fans as they make these promotion materials as part of their house decor, to show off fellow fans and even to non-spectators.

Some fans also choose to adore their houses and game rooms with team banners that have messages to cheer on players during matches and club flags to motivate players to press on in every game. This and more are now being put up inside houses, community sports centers and pubs while watching games on devices due to the pandemic. Some other typical game-décor include top hats, ribbons, and balloons bearing team colors and logo. 

Decorating a house with rugby merchandise is a collector’s dream. But painting or wearing team colors and designs is a vanity; fellow fans would bother to appreciate and adore.

Though these folks are not that ‘active’ compared to those normally seen on live matches, this does not mean that they are deprived of enjoying each game. Their physical absence may seem uncommon but having a blast eighter at home and alone or inside a jam packed stadium is subjective.



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