NRL Kids Merchandise And Safety


Unlike the National Rugby League (NRL) players who are made, fans, on the other hand, are born to become part of the fandom! Well, not all of them, but most. How? They become hardcore fans because of their overzealous parents! This is not a baseless claim!

There is a thriving industry of NLR kids apparel that caters to parents who are bringing up their children in the NRL environment. As soon as these kids can wear anything NRL, their parents are willing to pay for their dream of having a home-grown team of fans to support their favorite team.

Believe it or not, there are footy suits that your kids can custom make based on your favorite team. Aside from being overly cute, these products are made from child-friendly fabric and durable materials to ensure breathability and practicality even for over-sensitive infants.

There are also Hoodies, Weather jackets, Training Shorts, and the classic jerseys for infants and the youth. As they say, start them young, and it would be easy for kids to embrace being a fan of their parents’ team.  

There are also merchandise for newborns for too rooted parents, mostly color white to best fit babies’ normal wear. Most are baby onesies and kids’ T-shirts in various colors printed with team logos.  

Sporting goods and merchandise might be only for those who love the thrill and suspense of the game. But few NRL merchandise makers in Australia bring the industry to the highest as they elevate their design and product quality. Even for kids' products, some fans look keenly on the design and quality that would ensure the safety of their kids wearing the products.

With a few freak stories of kids injured because of what they wore, keeping an extra eye on clothing safety is never wrong for any responsible parent. For some parents, it is not all about the fabric and the safety nets. It could sometimes be on the materials used in printing the designs that might be toxic for infant users. It is a farfetched possibility for companies banking on their credibility. Then again, there is no wrong to make sure that our kids are as safe.

Such a threat to kid's clothing is real! In July 2020, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued a warning against a kind of kid’s nightie that can be highly flammable and burns too quickly because of the material used to make it.  Then again, those are not the case with merchandise made and sold by Sports On the Run. Visit our website and be assured of the safety and quality of our NRL Jerseys and Rugby League Merchandise!